Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everybody misses Earl

I talked to my sister last night about her annual "school's out" visit. I live at the beach and she's a beach bum so every year she and my nephew, A., come for a week as soon as he gets out of school. I tease my family about making reservations early so that they get the week they want, but it's only half teasing. We have a lot of company in the summer. So, I reminded her that she hadn't made a reservaton yet. And she told me that A. wasn't sure he wanted to go to the beach this year because it wouldn't be the same without Earl. I almost cried. When they visit, every morningwe would come down A. would be on the couch watching TV with Earl on one side and Lester on the other. I assured my sis that Lester would try to take up the slack. And when we go for walks, A. always insisted on holding Earl's leash. I guess he'll have to take Lester this year.

Since we had to put Earl to sleep, it's been a little quiet around our house. Earl was the one who followed me around all day and had to know what I was doing every minute. Sometimes it was annoying. I always knew Lester was more independent, but now I'm not sure he even knows I'm here unless it's time to eat or time for his walk. He must get out and visit his friends. Sometimes it seems like everyone in town knows him.

Anyway, I'm hope it won't be too hard for A. Lester is quite a clown and he loves the attention from others. He tends to get a lot because people feel sorry for him because of the amputation. Take my word for it, he does not miss that leg! He gets along fine. In fact, he has always been the alpha dog.

We will just have to see how it goes, I guess.

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