Sunday, May 30, 2010

DMC knows about TJBdesigns!

Have you checked out DMC's blog? Well, this weekend they are featuring cross stitch related Etsy shops in a Memorial Day Street Fair and TJBdesigns is one of the shops chosen! I'm very excited and honored. Tell all your friends!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm not back yet, but I'm on my way

I know I've neglected my blog this month. It just couldn't be helped. Mom's shoulder surgery went well, but we're not comfortable leaving her alone because her sense of balance is not good. So I've been running back and forth. When I'm there, I don't really have much to say and when I'm home I'm busy trying to catch up with all the daily stuff, plus my Etsy work. Hopefully, I'll be back in the swing soon.

I have made a little progress on Quaker Diamonds.  My stitching time is more limited than it's been in twenty years! I'm not used to going so slowly, but at least it's fun. As you can probably tell, my usual method of stitching every stitch of a particular color has been altered a little. I'm going page by page on this one, but still stitching by color on each page.

And on the Etsy front, I have added the first of my new line of beaded laying tools.  Stay tuned, more to come!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Great Find!

Ever since Faye and I went on the big flower frog hunt a few weeks ago, I've been thinking about one I saw on Etsy. The size wasn't included in the description, so I kind of forgot about it. I finally contacted the seller and found out it's exactly what I wanted so...I bought it! It's different from any I've seen and I love it. I filled it up with some of my scissors and I guess I'll just rotate others every now and then.

And on the stitching front, I didn't get a lot done while at my mom's but I have made some progress on Quaker Diamonds.  Hopefully, now I can get back on track and stitch every day like I'm used to doing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stitching Withdrawal...Not

I haven't stitched a lick in three days now and frankly, I'm too tired to even care.

Mom's surgery went well. And as directed, we are trying to stay ahead of the pain. The meds make her loopy, but NOT sleepy.  She's keeping us on our toes trying to figure out what to do and how to help. So don't expect too much out of me blog-wise for a little while.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recognize Your Limitations

Sometimes show-and-tell just gets me in trouble. A couple of weeks ago a customer at Anglewing Needlearts brought in some placemats she had made using four different fabrics cut into triagles for the fronts and a fifth for the back. They were beautiful and, according to her, "so quick and easy". (Remember this later.)  Mom's been complaining about not having any spring/summer placemats.
So I immediately thought this would make a great make-up present for last year's Mother's Day.

I went to the quilting fabric room and starting playing with fabrics. Came up with a gorgeous combination. Went home. Procrastinated a week or so. Finally laid the fabric out and starting cutting. Took the pieces up to the sewing machine. (Should have remembered the only thing I like to use it for is zig-zagging the edges of my linen.) Started sewing the triangles together.  After much cussing and swearing, got all four tops assembled and VOILA...they are SQUARE!

What a doofus. I forgot when I was cutting them out that they should have been rectangles. DH says we can use them because he thinks all our placemats are too small. What a guy! I can always count on him to make me feel better, even if he's lying.

So I went back to the shop and picked out different fabrics and started the whole process over. However, getting the correct triangle pieces together with the correct edges together, then sewn to the backs with the batting smoothly between the layers proved to be a long, arduous, and seam-ripping fiasco. Finally got them done. Oh, and the small pieces left over that I cut out for coasters?...still sitting on the sewing machine.  Hope they don't dry  rot before I get them made.

In the meantime, remember how excited I was to start "Quaker Diamonds"?  Well, I started it on some 40 count Lambswool that I had distressed some with the liquid spray stuff.  I worked on it for a couple of nights before I finally realized the fabric was too darks to effectively showcase the Valdani floss.  Soooo, I ripped it all out. (If I left if for whenever I decided I needed that piece of fabric, it would never get done.) I cut a piece of 40 count Pearled Barley, zig-zagged the edges (only thing I should EVER used the sewing machine for), and rubbed some old coffee grounds in a couple of spots to mildly distress it.  So this is what I've managed to accomplish since the restart.