Thursday, April 29, 2010

To Your Health

It's Thankful Thursday again...and I actually remembered.  So I guess I'm thankful that my memory is not totally shot.

I grateful today that my mom is in good health.  She's having shoulder surgery next week and all her doctors have been encouraging her to do this to relieve the pain she's been suffering.  She's not looking forward to it, of course, but I keep telling her they must think she has a lot of years left to enjoy if they are pushing it this hard.  And at ?0 years old, I think that's a really good sign.(I'm almost ready for the Sr. discount and she was not a teenager when I was born.)

So, let's all give our folks a big hug before Mother and Father's Day (and every day) and be thankful for their love, support, and good health.

And Daddy, I'd hug you if I could.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Good News! I Did Not Die of Boredom

Okay, there may be a few people who don't consider that good news.

I finished Block 8 of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.  It's a relief to know that extreme boredom probably won't be listed as COD (cause of death).  But it was close. I hate filling in the background. As you can see, I replaced the memorial verse with my personalization. Now I only have 3 blocks left to stitch by Christmas. Piece of cake!

It was after 10:30 last night when I put the last stitch in, but I immediately pulled Quaker Diamonds out of my bag and started it. I'm so excited. I may stitch all weekend.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can One Actually Die of Boredom?

I'm STILL filling in the background on block eight of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.  I may lose my mind before it's done. Every other block has been a joy to work, but this one....

So, I decided to do some of that framing I mentioned recently. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I had eleven pieces to frame. That number is now thirteen. Well, actually it's ten because I finished three. Thank goodness.

I can't believe I've been so involved in my Etsy shop over the last year that I just got around to framing "Mary Wigham" and my 2009 birthday sampler ("Sampler 101") from Laura!  I am out of control.
"Pigalle" was my first 2010 finish and I love it! And I actually managed to get Mom's silk gauze sampler for Mother's Day franed with time to spare!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Thankful Thursday, Hug a Stitcher!

I've seen this idea on other blogs and I've decided to try to incorporate it in mine too. And this is a great Thursday to start.

I'm thankful today for my stitching friends...all of them! We enjoy each other's company, we understand this crazy addiction, we support and encourage each other. And yesterday I got this wonderful package in the mail. Laura stitched this beautiful sampler for my birthday and she added a chart I've admired too. I stitched this piece for another stitching friend and Laura knew I loved it so she stitched it for me. Isn't it gorgeous?

People have asked me if I sell my needlework and I always answer, I'd rather give it away to someone who will love it as much as I do.  Now I have sold a few pieces, but that's the exception, not the rule. This is what we do. We share our passion for needlework with each other in the best way possible. We enjoy stitching it and we know the recipient will enjoy it just as much. What better gift can there be?

On the personal stitching front, I'm working on block 8 of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, and I have to admit it's more of a chore than fun right now. It's a little on the bland side compared to all the other blocks. So I haven't even put my next project in my stitching bag.  I know if I do, I'll start it before I finish this block and that would be bad. And before you ask..."Quaker Diamonds" is next in line. I can't wait to start it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Really Did Finish

I finished this little silk gauze sampler on Tuesday, but have been occupied with other things this week. So I thought I'd better show you how it turned out. And I have a plan for a frame.

And I started block 8 of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I charted my personalization replacement for the memorial in the original. It's great to be making such great progress on my stitching lately. It just makes me want to stitch more.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have You Ever Stitched Until...

Have you ever stitched until you couldn't focus anymore?  I know, dumb question.  I really wanted to finish this silk gauze sampler last night, but I just couldn't make it.  But hopefully, tonight it will be done.   Only about two more hours of filling in the background.  I can't decide if I'm going to do a couple of rows of cream around the edge or not. Don't you just love that checkerboard?  Wonder where that idea came from.

Then I'll have to make that teeny tiny little frame. I really don't look forward to that part, but I've done it for most of the ones I've stitched for Mother's Day.  Oh well, something to think about next week.

I really need to get back to Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. Graph paper is ready and waiting for me to replace that memorial verse in block eight with my personalization.  Maybe this weekend...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mother's Day is Coming!

Do you remember my Mother's Day fiasco last year? If not, click here. Well, the tradition (not the moronic one) continues. I started Mama's silk gauze sampler last night.  And I know I haven't done this one before because I just got the chart in February!
I just love doing these little samplers because they go so fast. It's cutting that tiny little frame that always makes me crazy.  The frame size is about 1.75" x 2.25".  And that means my pudgy little fingers get pretty close to that mitre saw blade going a zillion revolutions a minute.  (This picture is not my finished piece, it's the photo on the chart.)

If you need a non-stitching idea for Mother's Day, drop by my Etsy shop. All sorts of needlework bling for a mom who stitches or knits or crochets.  I even have beaded bookmarks if your mom is more into books than needles.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Quaker Hornbook Noir is Really Finished

It took me a little longer to finish than I anticipated, but there was a lot of stuff going on this week. "Quaker Hornbook Noir" by A Mon Ami Pierre is in the finish column! I said that the first time last night to my husband and then I started proofing it.  Oops, left out a letter. A few minutes later, "okay, now it's finished...oh, wait".  That border motif on the left wasn't quite done. "that's it!".  But no, I hadn't signed or dated it yet. Finally, twenty minutes after the initial "Woohoo", it was really done.

So he says to me "Do you have the next project ready to start?".  You'd think after 28 years of marriage, he wouldn't have to ask such a dumb question.