Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mother's Day is Coming!

Do you remember my Mother's Day fiasco last year? If not, click here. Well, the tradition (not the moronic one) continues. I started Mama's silk gauze sampler last night.  And I know I haven't done this one before because I just got the chart in February!
I just love doing these little samplers because they go so fast. It's cutting that tiny little frame that always makes me crazy.  The frame size is about 1.75" x 2.25".  And that means my pudgy little fingers get pretty close to that mitre saw blade going a zillion revolutions a minute.  (This picture is not my finished piece, it's the photo on the chart.)

If you need a non-stitching idea for Mother's Day, drop by my Etsy shop. All sorts of needlework bling for a mom who stitches or knits or crochets.  I even have beaded bookmarks if your mom is more into books than needles.


  1. I love your silk gauze - I swear I have a couple kits & never even tried to stitch them. Good idea to be thinking about Mother's Day NOW : )

    enjoy your week-end

  2. I love your silk gauze piece. I've wanted to try that but I fear that my poor eyes will never take it. But I love how delicate they look!

  3. Hi I'm from England and our mother's day was several weeks ago, I'm fascinated to know why we have different days. I always thought Mothering Sunday was part of the Church calendar, we always used to get a flower to take home from sunday school that day. Do you know why America chose a different day? My Mum is quite happy as she gets two, my sister lives in the US.

  4. omg... that is teeney weeney!!! Better you than me....I want to see that this week~~ until then, keep on stitching!~ Nice!

  5. That is exquisite!! Beautiful work.