Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can One Actually Die of Boredom?

I'm STILL filling in the background on block eight of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.  I may lose my mind before it's done. Every other block has been a joy to work, but this one....

So, I decided to do some of that framing I mentioned recently. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I had eleven pieces to frame. That number is now thirteen. Well, actually it's ten because I finished three. Thank goodness.

I can't believe I've been so involved in my Etsy shop over the last year that I just got around to framing "Mary Wigham" and my 2009 birthday sampler ("Sampler 101") from Laura!  I am out of control.
"Pigalle" was my first 2010 finish and I love it! And I actually managed to get Mom's silk gauze sampler for Mother's Day franed with time to spare!


  1. I love all your framed pieces -- great frames and great pieces too! Beautiful!!

  2. Love all of them, but that "beat up" looking frame is BEAUTIFUL!~~ Remeber that moulding name...NICE>...I need to get back to Shores too~~~ Faye

  3. Love of all of your framed pieces...especially the first one. Love the colors in that one!

    Keep plugging away on Shores....it will be done before you know it!

  4. You did Mary in blue, too! I've been stitching on her all evening. Your framing is absolutely gorgeous! I wish you lived by me so you could frame my stuff. Maybe I should send it to you anyway!

  5. OMG !!! What an amazing array of work - I am in awe !!! My hand would have fallen off after one. What lovely work you have done and you can actually hang it on the wall and brag about it....I've decided your not allowed to die of boredom you've too much to do ! LOL

  6. Tommy, your finishes and framings are incredible! Just beautiful!

  7. Muy bonitos trabajos.
    Un abrazo