Thursday, April 29, 2010

To Your Health

It's Thankful Thursday again...and I actually remembered.  So I guess I'm thankful that my memory is not totally shot.

I grateful today that my mom is in good health.  She's having shoulder surgery next week and all her doctors have been encouraging her to do this to relieve the pain she's been suffering.  She's not looking forward to it, of course, but I keep telling her they must think she has a lot of years left to enjoy if they are pushing it this hard.  And at ?0 years old, I think that's a really good sign.(I'm almost ready for the Sr. discount and she was not a teenager when I was born.)

So, let's all give our folks a big hug before Mother and Father's Day (and every day) and be thankful for their love, support, and good health.

And Daddy, I'd hug you if I could.


  1. Oh, what a FABULOUS post!

    My parents - 86 and 78 had major health problems last year. So far this year they have been doing well - and that is DEFINITELY something to be thankful for!

  2. I hope your Mom's surgery comes out ok and I hope you both enjoy Mother's Day.


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  4. Hope that you mother's surgery goes very well!!