Saturday, April 4, 2009

Etsy People are Amazing!

I have to admit I haven't spent as much time stitching as I'd like to because I've been concentrating on promoting my Etsy shop. The good news is that I'm making a lot of new friends in the process. Etsy is a great venue for handmade items and the folks there are terrific.

One of my new friends, Shannon, at is featuring a wonderful paper jewelry designer, UniquePaperBoutique, on her blog. And you can enter (several times) to win a piece of her jewelry. It's a gorgeous pendant. Check it out here and follow the instructions.
It wasn't a stretch for me to find a favorite piece of Rachel's jewelry because I already have her listed as one of my favorites!

I am stitching at night on my Quaker Samplings II, but last night I did quite a bit of frog, rip-it, rip-it. NOT lol. But that's the price you pay for not double checking your counting. I think I'm rushing to get to "Grace Mason Sampler" and making more mistakes.
Actually, I'm farther along than this picture shows, but I haven't taken the time to take another one in about a week. But I promise an updated pic soon.

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  1. Your scissor fobs and marking/counting pins are BEAUTIFUL!!! You must be so excited that Nordic Needle is carrying them! Congratulations!