Monday, May 4, 2009

In my house, photography is like taking out the's not my job. But it's very important when you are selling something on-line. So, over the last few months I've been working on improving my picture taking skills. I've learned a lot from other Etsy artists and last week I order a photo light tent. Mine is actually a cube and it diffuses the light from the three 100 watt daylight bulbs that I set up around it. There are no shadows and I can take a clear, bright picture of my scissor fob or counting pins.
It has made a huge difference and hopefully, these improved photos will be more attractive to people who visit my shop. Let me know what you think.
I've also been working on "Grace Mason". I love this piece and I look forward to every hour I get to spend on it. I finally have something done other than the border. Woohoo!

And now I have to interrupt GM again to work up a model for my "Beginning Stitching on Linen" class at my LNS. But that won't take more than a evening or so.

I STILL haven't made the frame for my silk gauze "Beehive Sampler" for Mother's Day. I really don't like sticking my fingers that close to a power mitre saw. The frame is going to be about 2" x 2.5". And then I have to paint it and put a faux finish on it. I guess I better move that task to the top of my to do list. Spending a few days away from home really messes with my so-called schedule. I feel like I'm a month behind.

Here's my newest scissor fob.

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  1. The GM is lovely. Such fun to watch the progress.