Monday, May 11, 2009

I just can't seem to find enough time.

Well, it's been a busy weekend. Mama and my sister, K., arrived Saturday afternoon for a visit. They'll probably be here about a week, unless I turn into the hostess from hell. My husband and I have lived alone for 27 years and I am not used to extra people in my house, so it doesn't take to long for me to get grumpy. I admit it's my problem, but all I ask is 30 minutes of quiet in the morning so I can get at least one cup of coffee in me. I do NOT talk before my morning coffee.

I may not be the greatest entertaining hostess in the world, but I can cook. So that's what I do. We smoked a Boston butt (cut of pork shoulder) and made Lexington style barbeque. We had potatoes, cole slaw--that I never make enough of, according to my mother,steamed squash, and strawberry shortcake for Mother's Day dinner. I baked several fattening goodies before they got here and I'll be baking a chocolate cake tomorrow. Man, I feel fatter already.

Even with all the Mother's Day weekend activities and my mom and sister visiting, I managed to find a few hours to devote to Grace Mason. Actually, it calms my nerves. Although doing all the curly-ques on the letters in double-running is quite time consuming, I really enjoy it. I just love illuminated alphabets which probably explains my fascination with Scottish samplers. Most of the ones I've seen have the illuminated alphabet.

I feel like it's going really slowly, but that's probably because I've been so busy with the scissor fobs and perfecting my beaded needle threader. I just have trouble manipulating such a small piece of wire and a couple of beads. Anyway, I haven't been stitching much during the day...just at night while I'm watching TV. But it's starting to take shape adn before you know it, I'll be starting a new project. Quit laughing...I can hear you.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day with incredible food. Too bad you can't send some leftovers via your blog!
    Wow - the GM is looking so lovely. It is going to be amazing when finished.