Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grace Mason is coming right along

Except for some unstitching last night, I feel like Grace Mason is moving right along. I even put in one of the "over one" birds last night. And let me tell you, doing that on 40 count is not a quickie. Doing a reproduction takes even more concentration, I think, because you have to reproduce all the mistakes or idiosyncracies of the original. For instance, the leaves on the fruit baskets are not symmetrical and neither are the horizontal parts of the vine. So you have to pay particular attention to exactly where you are on the chart. You cannot assume that the left side is the same as the right side.

Right now, I have to go paint the frame for my mom's "Beehive Sampler". I've procrastinated all week and she's going home tomorrow, so I guess I better get to it.


  1. Oh My! This is stunning : ) What a beautiful sampler. I've been doing some stitching for our EGA Chapter --
    fundraising stuff for local hospice

    And, have the chapter SAL out -- The Drawn Thread, My Favorite Things.

    Never mind the other stuff hiding in the closet : ) I have lots

  2. Your sample is progressing! I love over-1 work on linen, but I've not stitched on 40 ct yet. I have some waiting for me though...