Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just another day ...

Another day is almost gone and I'm still trying to figure out what I've accomplished. A lot of little things actually. Lester and I went for a longer walk than usual because apparently winter is back. At least it feels like it. Temps in the sixties in May is almost unheard of and that's what we're looking at all week. Ych.

I remembered to photograph Grace Mason. I'm working on the four-sided alphabet and numbers now. The numbers go up into the teens...kinda weird for a sampler. And miracle of miracles, no counting mistakes yesterday. Woohoo! I may have to have a party.

I also generated a new banner for the Etsy shop. Well, I had to because I sold the fob that was pictured in my old banner. And apparently it's really bad juju to show something in your banner that you don't have in your shop. Anyway, I used bannersketch.com and it was pretty easy. I'm going to work on a new banner for the blog sometime soon. Maybe one with a little more color. Although I really like whitework.

I took pictures of a custom order of scissor fob, needlepoint counting pins, cross stitch counting pins and needle threader. I think I'm going to incorporate coordinating sets like this in my Etsy inventory.

So, after a little housework, a little Etsy work, a little Tweeting, and some blogging I'm ready to sit down and stitch. Oh wait, I have to fix dinner. Well, as usual, I won't get to stitch until after dinner.


  1. Thanks for sharing your progress with us. I love seeing it.

  2. That scissor fob is beautiful! I don't really get the idea of them, why they are necessary, but I like it! :D

    Selling coordinating sets is a wonderful idea!

    Lovely progress on the sampler as well. :)

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