Sunday, August 16, 2009

A New Start

Okay, as promised, a picture of Maragaret Gatis as she looked when I put her down for a "nap". I figure I'm about 15% complete. I actually started to enjoy it after I finished the over three Holbien band from hell. I'll get back to it soon...

after I finish Band Sampler I from Pat Taff. This one has to be done in the next few weeks so I decided I better get started. Not much to look at yet, especially since all the stitching so far is with a very pale blue (on 40 count ivory). But I should get more concentrated stitching time this week, since my house will be my own again. I enjoy having company, but it sure puts a crimp in my normal routine.

And here's a goodie for you. Visit "Feathers in the Nest" blog for a great fall chart giveaway. You will enjoy reading Jennifer's blog regularly, if you don't already.

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