Monday, August 24, 2009

New Look

Yes, you are in the right place. I just decided to give my blog a makeover. I figured out a new way to make banners. So I chose one of my favorite bands from one of my favorite samplers, "The Truth Sampler" from Samplers of Sylke. Sadly, Marianne is no longer publishing her designs, but I have a major collection and I love them all. I'd love to hear what you think of the new look.

For those of you who haven't known me very long, you may not know that I'm a sports fanatic. My husband used to refer to himself as a sports widower...especially once ESPN went on the air. When they first started broadcasting the ACC basketball tournament I used to take a day of vacation from work to watch the first day. Then I sat in front of the TV with my stitching all weekend. We lived in Seattle at the time and basketball might as well have been cricket for all they cared about the sport. But for a good southern girl who used to shoot baskets with her dad in the driveway til midnight, I was in heaven.

And sports on TV provides a perfect background for stitching, except basketball because I get too involved, which you can interpret at "screams at TV". If I could eat, stitch and watch sports on TV simultaneously my life would be perfect...except for the resulting large rear end. Anyway, this weekend the Golf Channel televised the Solheim cup. This is a biannual team golf event between the USA and Europe. The quality of the golf was outstanding and I made massive progress on my "Band Sampler I", which is why you all started reading this. So here it is.

For a fast stitcher like myself, this doesn't look like I spent hours and hours working on it, but I did. The band below the numbers is Holbein, or double running, and I did not cheat and use backstitch. So that takes time and concentration. Satin stitch, especially on 40 count, is also time consuming. The ripping out is even more time consuming, which I did several times on the last third of the lighter blue section. Grrr. The chain or rope section is an Italian stitch variation, each one of which has 4 legs, not 2, like cross stitch, so that basically takes twice as long as you'd think. But, it's coming along and I am enjoying it.

But I keep thinking about all the projects I want to start. I may have to give up sleep. For now, I'll just keep using every spare hour I can to stitch.


  1. Hi Tommye - the new banner is lovely but it was quite a surprise - not what I was expecting - LOL!
    Very nice and very appropriate - Nice job!

    I agree with the whole sports thing and am a sports widow too. When my son is home I've got 2 of them at it! Hooking and stitching are the perfect accompaniment to it.

  2. Whoa...LOVE the new look!!~~ You have been busy!! BIG TIME!~ This sampler is turning out to be absolutely beautiful!~~You gotton so much done!!! Now, if we could just figure out how to get more hours in the day~ I would be right there with,sports,stitching and screaming away with the best of them~~~Holla!Faye

  3. Your banner is very nice!

    Hey, that sampler is beautiful and all that special stitching is really lovely!

    Oh, I wish I could say that I liked sports but I really can't watch any sports on TV. When my daughter played in the band in high school, I honestly went just to hear her play at mid break and that was it. Sad, I know......but before I moved here my best friend was a very loyal Tennessee fan and man, would she shout at the TV and all that. I would laugh at her.
    I'm with ya on the hours in the day. And, believe it or not, my husband doesn't watch sports either. So, that's one thing we have in common.

  4. Your stitching is absolutely gorgeous. Just beautiful : )