Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Margaret Gatis make me want to read.

I haven't really made much progress. I had the first band and the rope thingy on the left side of the second band done a year ago! This over three thing on 40 count is making me want to read instead of stitch. And I've worn out a couple of strands of floss due to massive frog stitching on the Holbien...OVER 3!

Hence the new bookmarks in my Etsy shop. These shepherd's crooks are great for a jazzy beaded bookmark. I'll be adding beaded book thongs in the near future too.
The paper ones with pattern darning are all different because the Watercolors overdyed thread comes out differently with every length that you cut.

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  1. Oh Tommye I could never do that - I'd be reading for sure instead!