Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Weekend Plans!

Did my title get you all excited to figure out what I'll be doing this weekend? Well, chill. Those of you who really know me have already figured out that I'm going on a stitching binge. No parties, no big dinner out, no Jumbo Marguerita. Just me, the TV, and Margaret Gatis. Now that I'm done with the satin stitch flower and Holbien band (on 40 count, over 3-don't forget), I'm actually enjoying working on it again. But don't quote me. By Monday I may be pulling my hair out again.

I hope I get a lot done this weekend because my sis and nephew are coming for the week for their summer's last hurrah before school starts. And I'm expecting a big beading order on Monday. So I'll have a lot of work to do. I already have some ideas bouncing around in my head for new scissor fob designs. And since my local yarn shopowner practically cleaned out my inventory of stitch markers (not complaining) this week, I need to conjure up some more of those.

Hopefully, you'll see lots of progress in my next MG update next week.


  1. Hi - saw your post in the USA Mary Wigam SAL blog, and I see you are in NC. I live in east Tennessee, near Chattanooga. Any chance that we are near each other? I've just moved back to TN after living outside it for 11 years, and I am looking for stitching buddies. I am picking fabric and thread to start Mary soon, and trying to finish MANY ufo's.


  2. Sorry, I'm in very SE NC. Almost a whole day of driving from Chattanooga!

    Good luck on your MW. I really enjoyed doing it.

  3. me at if you can before Wed....need a favor! Hope you are enjoying your company!!! Faye