Monday, August 17, 2009

Lots to do, shortage of time

Well, my company has gone home and all is quiet...except for Lester's snoring. That is just background noise since pugs make noise with every breath.

I definitely have to make a to-do list because a week out of my routine has turned my brain to mush. I just realized it's time to bake the friendship bread again. I already listed a great new fob and counting pins early this morning. I've already done 4 loads of laundry (okay, I started them last night). Gotta make a run to the vet for hearworm/flea pills. Need to inventory the frig and pantry before I can go to the store because a 16-year old boy is the mammoth version of a tapeworm! He cleaned us out and took a box of Cheez-Its with him for the 3 hour ride home!

Plus I need to make a framing plan. Mary Wigham is done and I have a at least 8 more finished pieces in the bin ready to be framed. One of them is a wonderful little piece that my friend, F., stitched for me as a surprise. I was so shocked I was almost speechless, which doesn't happent very often. I'll definitely be showing that off as soon as it's framed, but it's too hot yet in the garage to spend a lot of time on the mitre saw and router making frames.

And I have to get off my duff and go for a walk. Lester and I went for a walk, although that doesn't count as exercise since he has to stop and rest about every 20 yards. (Black, 3-legged pug in August in NC does not make for a lively pace!) My sister got me jump started on that and I'm determined to keep it up. Of course, yesterday I had to ice my knee for 15 minutes after I got back. My DH calls it OWS...Old Woman Syndrome. I can't really argue. My mom has said for years that "getting old is not for sissies". Well, middle age is not a lot of fun either...unless you're stitching. So I'm going to use a reward system. Every day that I go for a walk I get an extra hour of stitching! Like I need an excuse to stitch.

So, I'm off. I've had enough caffeine to get me moving and I can't procrastinate any longer. Are you listening, F-R?


  1. Love your new start! Good luck with the framing plan. A friend suggested putting away $10 each week. I think I am going to try to do that because I usually have all my framing done in one shot.

  2. Siobhan, that is a good idea. I do all my own pinning (mounting), in fact, I also do that for a local frame shop. Plus, I make most of my own frames because it's hard to find primitive or simple mouldings for antique looking samplers. So I learned how to use a mitre saw, router, stain, paint faux finishes, etc. so I can make my own.

  3. You are funny girl!!! I got enough cardio in setting up my classroom yesterday to count as a walk!! AND it is 95 here again no, I have not "walked" and I am making excuses!!lol....Keep up the great work and dont overdo it!!! OWS can be miserable for sure!!! Faye