Monday, September 14, 2009


Back in early August I told you about meeting an on-line friend in person. We hit it off like we'd known each other for years. Sharing a passion for needlework tends to do that.

Well, Faye came to my stitching group for a couple of weeks while she was in the area on vacation. And to my surprise, she presented me with a precious little sampler that she stitched "over the weekend". I was so surprised I almost cried. It was a true random act of kindness from someone I'd only known for a week. I was truly touched. But she probably thinks I'm an ungrateful wench because I didn't show it off to all of you right away. I had a good reason...really. I wanted to show it to you after I'd decided how to utilize it. And since finishing is something I really have to psyche myself up for, it's taken almost 6 weeks to complete the project.

I decided to made a stitcher's pocket or pouch or whatever you want to call it. I found a beautiful batik and a companion fabric in my LNS, Angelwing Needlearts and I went to work. Now, you have to understand that when I use my sewing machine for anything other than zigzagging the edge of my linen I generally do at least one thing backwards. This was no exception. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that bad words were uttered and blood was shed. But it turned out almost perfect.

I attached the sampler to the outside back as a pocket and button hole stitched around the edge, but it's not as clean as I'd like it. So I made take it off and redo it (not today). There are also two inside pockets. It folds into thirds. The little sampler on the front flap is actually painted on a small chip of wood and has a pin back on it. I've had it for years and finally found a way to show it off too. The button loop is buttonhole stitches done in black pearl cotton. I purposely made it a little big because I have a habit of over-stuffing these little pouches.

So, now I have a constant reminder of Faye and that instant friendship IS possible. Thank you, Faye.


  1. Oh Tommye I love it - what a tribute (and labor of love) to Faye. It is truly special and you will cherish it and Faye for years to come.
    Thank you for sharing (and the story with it).
    That's a sweet "button" too which would nice to rework in stitching.

  2. Faye is definitely a sweetheart and a fast stitcher. Your pouch came out beautifully and is a perfect finish for the sampler.

  3. Oh WOW!! Beautiful finish! and what a beautiful RAK!!

  4. Tommye, I really enjoyed making this stitchery for you and you finished it off just beautifully! I would have never thought to put it in a fabric pouch! Your finishing is perfect and believe me...just knowing you will enjoy having it is the best reward you can ever give me! You are welcome my deserving friend! Faye