Sunday, September 27, 2009

More tweaking

Okay, I couldn't stand it. I changed the fish. Couldn't stand the darker blue fins which I originally thought would look better than an even lighter shade of blue than the main body blue . I WAS WRONG. They looked like they had happy faces painted on their sides and a patch over one eye. Had to go. And Faye reminded me that I had left off the stripes on the eel. So I had to go back to block 2 anyway. Not that it was all that far away. But in my head, it was complete. I told you I am a very serial stitcher. When something is done, it should be DONE. Now I'm about 30% done with block 5...lots of black and gray. Saving all the white for last. I hate stitching with white. It always looks like crap until it is washed and pressed. I'll probably drive myself crazy fiddling with individual stitches, but I'm determined to "enjoy the process". Remind me I said that when I start bitchin' about it later.


  1. Congrats on your block 2 finish. I am stitching that same block today. I recently discovered your blog and I have really been enjoying reading it. Have a great week!

  2. Looks good....I just knew that would end up driving you was good then and even better are smart to moved onto block 5...ton of white in 3 I am discovering so I may finish it and then save my other "white"blocks for the end...white is a pistol to get right!~~ have a good week!~ Faye