Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's getting close...

I get so involved with stitching on this piece that I forget to take pictures and post about it. I looked at the last picture I posted and I've done a lot of work since last Tuesday!
I hope to be done by the middle of the week, because...wait for it. I'm anxious to start my next project. All you multi-taskers out there just rotate between projects. I wish I could, but it makes my brain hurt. So I have to finish one before I start another. Doesn't mean I don't have a gazillion lined up to start, but sometimes being left-brained is annoying.
Here's a close up view of top bands which are so pale that you can hardly see them in the picture of the full sampler. And the bottom band as I left it last night. Actually, there's a personalization band to follow, but that doesn't really count.


  1. I love this one - especially the bottom part!

  2. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. What a wonderful stitching job. Just love it!!!!


  3. This is so pretty and delicate!!! Wonderful stitching and I love the beads you have too on the fobs and pins!
    I was catching up on your blog and read one a couple back about riding and stitching in the car....isn't that the truth about the paving of the roads. It's so irritating to me to try to stitch in the car because of that but it passes the time so much quicker ......just if the roads weren't so bumpy and I felt like I was bobbing the needle through the linen! LOL

  4. omg!~ You have done so much!! Looks awesome!!! Hope your weekend was nice....we were shagging at OD for SOS....Have a good week and I cant wait to see the finish !~~~ Faye

  5. Wow! What a finish! It's gorgeous! You're giving it away? If I'd done a piece like that, I'd hang onto it! lol!