Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to Band Sampler I

Well, I've had a bunch of other stuff to do lately, but I'm back to working on Band Sampler I. Do you have stitches you love and stitches you hate? I'm pretty sure we all do. I've had a little of both so far on this piece. I'm not a big fan of knots of any kind because it's so hard to make them consistent in appearance. The acorn tops are Palestrina knots which are easier than some others, but I still do not enjoy them. And I NEVER look at them under the magnifier. It just makes me want to rip them out. However, I absolutely love Queen stitches! Once I figured out that the key to a beautiful Queen stitch is pulling each leg snugly I was hooked. Eileen Bennett (The Sampler House) is the only instructor/designer that has ever given that tip, as far as I know, and I will be forever grateful to her.


  1. Learn something new everyday!!! Love Queen stitch too and now mine will look neater. Thanks for the tip~~

  2. I haven't ventured out much to do alot of specialty stitching but would love to take a class one day. I think Terrie at the Dogwood Patch is fixing to move her shop closer to Atlanta in Buford Ga. and she has several designers and teachers coming throughout the year. I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Glad to help, Faye.

    Jennifer, Some friends of mine from Marietta have been to DP several times. Always enjoyed it. I never got to go because I was minding my LNS in Marietta. Go for it.

  4. For texture, I love the Queen Stitch. I struggle with diagonal Montenegrin Stitch

    I prefer any specialty stitching over cross stitching any day