Monday, June 29, 2009

I Need to Stitch!

I knew when we left for SC on Friday that I probably wouldn't get much stitching done this weekend and I was right. I managed to stitch in the car until we got to I-20, but that stretch of interstate needs repaving so badly it's like driving on a gravel road! So getting a needle in the correct hole is impossible. Then, once we arrived at Mom's house nothing got done.

K.'s birthday dinner was fun and we had a couple of good laughs about her AARP eligibility and then I went into a virtual coma. I thought about stitcing on the way home, but I was too tired to risk misreading the chart.

I did manage to stitch a little last night while catching up on a little TV, but not enough to build up my "happy mood quotient" or HMQ. And today I have to get some groceries or we'll be eating peanut butter crackers for dinner. Plus, I really must spend some time and effort on the Etsy shop. A low HMQ can be improved with sales, but not as much as with extra stitching time. But one must promote one's product to sell said product, so I need to get to work.


  1. Thanks for the link to your blog! I love finding other stitching friends. I'm glad I had the epiphany to look on Etsy for scissor fobs!

  2. I love the idea of an "HMQ"!!

    I have awarded you the Honest Scrap Award. Please see my blog for more details.