Monday, March 30, 2009

So many projects, so little time

Well, you just never know how many ways your creations will be used. My sister told me she wanted one of my scissor fobs to hang on her tennis bag! I'll be tossing in a few business cards too. She has a lot of tennis friends. It could be whole new trend. Then she said, "I want one without a tassel for my stethoscope"! She loves the bling.
So I spent most of today working on the biz. First, I shipped an order for counting pins that came in over the weekend. Then I worked on new photos, new business card design, product tags for my counting/marking pins, and at least one new listing.

Now I can do some stitching on "Quaker Samplings II". It's coming along nicely. I love working on 40 count linen, mostly because I work with only one strand of floss which eliminates time consuming railroading. Unfortunately, so far I can't see any of the variegation in the Midnight Waterlilies. Hopefully, some of the more densely stitched motifs show more color variation.

But the best part of today was the surprise in the mail. My friend, Laura, sent me this gorgeous sampler for my birthday. It's "Sampler 101" by Sampler Cove and it is amazing. We have a whole group of friends bonded by needlework and we stitch for each other's birthdays. Laura and I have similar tastes so there is a never ending list of pieces from which to choose. But we have also have a list of samplers we want to stitch for ourselves, so those are off limits as gifts. Like I would ever turn down a stitched gift. Besides, we get to visit the pieces we give each other every time we get together. Some of us don't even see each other for years at a time, but we still share this passion for stitching, especially samplers, that keeps us together. Everyone should have friends like this.

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