Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stitching Therapy

I've really had to delve into the Stitching Therapy the last couple of days. On Saturday I had a busy day working at Angelwing Needlearts.  I stopped at WalMart on my way home for another rug for Lester.  He's having real trouble on the hardwood floors these days. So we have place little rugs about every three feet for him to use as stepping stones.  When I got home, we decided to go out to dinner so I wouldn't have to cook. 

After I finished my flounder and deviled crab, I was sitting there fiddling with my wedding ring (it's getting a little loose on my finger) and I looked down and there was a gaping cavity in the middle. The diamond had fallen out!!! Holy moly. My stomach dropped. Of course, I started looking around, in my coat pockets, on the plate, table, floor... The waitress swept under the table for me. No diamond.  My eyes were glued on the ground as we walked to the car. Have you ever noticed how much glittery stuff there is in asphalt?  We searched the car, the garage and every place I had been since I got home from work. No diamond.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep well that night. On Sunday, I was preparing to head over to the shop and search the entire place on my hands and knees. I refused to think about the possibility that it had fallen out in WalMart.  Since it was daylight I decided to check the garage and car again.  Lo and behold, there is was on the passenger side floorboard! I guess I just couldn't see it the night before.  I almost fainted. 

It's now in the hands of the local jeweller, who proudly told me that it would be ready on Thursday.  According to him, wedding and engagement rings get priority because no one wants to be without theirs for long. Amen, brother!

Sooooo, since stitching is my only path to sanity, Margret Gatis has grown immensely this weekend.  I finished the knot garden, so all the over three threads stuff is done. Woohoo! That's almost as good as a finish.  Last night I stitched the name, but I cheated.  I substituted Smyrna crosses for Algerian eyes, for the simple reason that I hate Algerian eyes.  It's too easy for one side to end up bigger than the other and I just wasn't in the mood to fool with it.  Besides, I enjoy Smyrna crosses and as I frequently tell my stitch group, "If it isn't fun, why are you doing it?".
Margret Gatis 02-04-13
on 40 count Sandstone linen with DMC cotton floss 



  1. Beautiful stitching progress therapy
    So glad you found that diamond, that would have made me sick

    1. Yeah, I was pretty anxious about it.

  2. Very pretty stitching!

    Also, whew on finding the diamond. That would have drove me crazy.

  3. I am really going to have to perfect the art of reading your blog with my eyes shut, lol! Margaret is beyond beautiful and I am a tiny bit, oh get away with me, I am yearning to buy it!

  4. And definitely whew re your ring, such a sick feeling when something like that happens.

  5. Phew! So glad you found your stone!
    Beautiful finish!

  6. Glad you found your diamond! Your stitched piece is lovely.

  7. Whew,,,,, ! So glad that diamond twinkled up at you!

  8. So glad you found the diamond. What luck. And you stitching piece...every time I see it I love the coloring even more. So pretty!

  9. Thank you all for the sighs of relief. It does make your stomach churn when it happens. I guess my guardian angel was working overtime.

  10. So pleased you found your diamond. It hapened to me once and I never found the stone.

  11. OMG...I can imagine how frantic you must have been to find that diamond. So glad it turned out well.

    Love this piece too...so pretty! Happy stitching...

  12. Glad you found your diamond. Think Margret Gatis is turning out lovely.