Thursday, February 11, 2010

What do I do all day?

Well, I feel like I've really neglected my blog lately and I'm not sure why.  Actually, I've just been so busy doing other stuff that I don't know which way is up.  But that is no excuse.  Maybe it's because I'm just so boring that I can't really think of anything you would care to read.  Even Lester doesn't do anything worthy of a blog post anymore.  I can't even complain about the weather, other than to say we've had a longer cold spell than normal.  I'd post pics of bright sunshine and brown grass, but that isn't nearly as impressive as all your pics of snow covered trees and cars and bird feeders. Don't hate me because I haven't seen even one snowflake!

During the day, I'm occupied with Etsy business mostly.  Who knew this would turn into an almost full-time job?  I have a significant amount on-line promoting to do every day. Thankfully, there are orders to pack up and ship several times a week, and all the associated bookkeeping. Not to mention the actual creating (the fun part), the photographing (ych) and editing for the listings. Yesterday, I sold a number of bookmarks to a local gift shop who also requested more in spring colors. I also have a couple of custom orders in the works.

I also coordinate and frame the Habitat for Humanity samplers that my EGA Alumni group stitches.  We received a new list of soon-to-be homeowners yesterday, so we'll be stitching away on those for a few months too.  It's a small, but great group of ladies who never fail to impress me with their willingness to help out with these samplers.  We don't always have them ready for the actual home dedication, but eventually the homeowners get one that they proudly hang on the wall.  It's so heartwarming to hear how happy these little tokens mean to them.

And even though I stitch every night, I don't feel like I've made much progress.  But here it is. I started Block 4 of SoHRH, but I had to work some more border first in order to have a reference point.  Then, since the verse on Block 4 is done in black I stitched some more border (turn on the left, anal retentive side of your brain) until I had used up all the black floss that I had cut. I know, I'm weird.  Tonight I'll work on the moon. But those borders are time consuming and not very impressive. That's probably why I don't feel like I've accomplished much. I guess I'm in a funk because frankly...I'd rather be stitching!


  1. I always feel I'm too boring too Tommye and think no one cares to read what I have to say either.
    That being said, you're wrong - I don't think you're boring at all and look forward to your posts. Your work is inspiring!

  2. Tommye you are NOT boring at all. I LOVE to see the stitching that you do and to learn more about you!! How exciting that you are selling your bookmarks to local shops!
    And I LOVE your sampler - WOW!!