Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I might actually finish SoHRH

All the snow is gone and life at the beach is back to normal.  Lester is back to checking all his peemail within a two block radius every morning and all is right with the world.

The Olympics have started and if you can figure out when the events in which you are interested are actually being televised you can get some serious stitching done.  Maybe that's what is behind my new sense of optimism.

I was really dreading working on the combined block 6-7.  Each of the other blocks that I've completed have taken quite a bit of time, but I considered them all individual projects so I had that feeling of accomplishment when they were done.  The exception was block 4. That was a quicky.  Anyway, the big block seemed daunting, but now that I'm into it, it's going fairly quickly.  Lots of large sections of the sold stitching which I always tell beginners is a great way to distinguish the difficulty of a design.  The fewer color changes you have, the easier it is.  So now I'm thinking I might actually finish the whole thing! 


  1. It really looks wonderful! You're really making me feel like a slacker because I haven't finished mine yet. I stopped at the combined 6 & block.

  2. Looking Good!
    Enjoy stitching and the Olympics!

  3. Looks good! Keep on stitching....

  4. Problem with the Olympics is my favorite sport is figure skating - and I can't just tune out, stitch and look up every so often - so not getting much done this week!