Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Spoke Too Soon

I never should have mentioned snow.

It started snowing about 8:00 p.m. last night and snowed most of the night.  We woke up to a bright white landscape. I was up early (for me) like a kid on Christmas.  Quit laughing! I haven't seen snow in almost 10 years! And Lester has never seen snow!  I got the camera out and was ready for his first steps in the snow. (FYI, he's a dog, not a small child.  I know it's hard to tell from the way I talk about him.)  And guess what!  There's not a single picture of Lester in the snow...because he wouldn't step foot in it!  We have a sheltered area under our screened porch where he can do his business during inclement weather.  For us, that usually means a hurricane, but apparently snow on the ground qualifies too.

But I did get some shots of the almost pristine, white neighborhood.  We are about 1/2 mile from the beach...and no, I have not been over there yet, and 1/2 block from the intracoastal waterway.  As I write this, the snow is already falling from the trees and the paved areas are almost clear.  But isn't that the way most adults like it...gone by noon! 

And just in case you tuned in for a stitching update. I worked on Block 4 of SoHRH last night until the opening ceremonies of the Olympics were over.  Only things left on this block are some red (huh?) stars.  Then I'll probably start the big combo block 6-7.


  1. Beautiful! I just blogged about our snow too! I wasn't able to get pictures before it started melting.

  2. Enjoy your snow!! And Block 4 is looking good!

  3. 30 min south of you at Cherry Grove Beach SC we got 2-3 inches of the beautiful snow and it is gorgeous!!!! Now, it BETTER melt today so I can get back home tomorrow!~~~ Happy stitching and btw I am pulling SoHRH back out when I get home as I am nearly my completion of the sassy Lady Quaker!~ Be safe, Faye

  4. Beautiful pictures Tommye - I'm glad you and Leste did go out before noon! We have lots of snow and it will not be gone by noon - it will hopefully be gone by March LOL!

    I love to watch sports and knit and it's fun to see that you can stitch while watching - that's ten times more difficult than knitting!!!

    Best of luck with the red stars!

  5. Beautiful pictures of the snow. I see it often because I live in Maine but its still pretty when its newly fallen. =)

  6. Ha ! I had two Aussies with me for three weeks BEGGING for snow as they had never been in a snow storm. Well they got their snow and then some !!! I am in the northeast and we've gotten SLAMMED ! They had a 2 1/2 hr trip to the airport ( that should have taken 1 1/4 hours and a 10 hour delay for their flight to California : ( ....they did go out and play in the snow like little kids !