Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who knew the Christmas Panic Could Cause So Much Blogging Angst?

I'm really tired of not being able to show you the sampler I am working on now. But blame it on L., who is a wonderful friend and birthday recipient of said sampler, and reads my blog like a loyal friend should. If I wasn't so needy, I'd tell her to quit reading for a couple of months, so I could show the rest of you my progress. But I'm not sure I would trust her not to peek anyway.

So, I will share a little more of my continuing bargello experimeent. Alas, I cannot explain the details of this experiment with you either. Man, I have way too many secrets. But fear not, I will show you the finished projects and tell you all the gory details in the upcoming weeks.


  1. Ooohhh! I love a good mystery. All the suspense and drama that keeps one coming back for more!

  2. OOOOHHHH Tommye - Lovely!
    You sure are an amazing stitcher!

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  4. ooh, how intriguing! these look lovely