Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Christmas Panic

That's what my husband calls it when I start getting twitchy in June. You see, I've been stitching ornaments for my family plus ? for over twenty years...make that thirty years. Suffice it to say that when I look at the early ones I can see growth in my stitching skills. Not to mention my finishing skills, which are still not expert.

I also try to stitch a larger framed piece for my three sisters at least every other year. In the off years I just take one off my walls that each sister has admired. My mom gets a sampler every year. I stitched a Santa for my dad every year for 16 years and they cover the living room walls 365 days a year. He loved those Santas and used to come into my shop and peruse the Christmas charts trying to figure out which one I was going to stitch for him next.

Anyway, the ornament thing has become a tradition and I've been threatened with familial excommunication when I've mentioned that I might not get them done. So I try to get about half of them done in the weeks after Christmas when I'm still in the mood, but the pressure is off. So, you may ask, "how many ornaments do you stitch?". Well, just for family, I'm committed to stitch fifteen. (Fortunately for me, my family is not very prolific! lol) And by "committed" I mean I want to stitch them. After that I have eight friends that I stitch ornaments for every year. After that, the number varies between five and ten. So that makes 28-33 ornaments a year.

The point of telling you all this is that I have put "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow" down for a nap to stitch a birthday gift for a friend who reads my blog. Since I can't show you pics of that piece I've decided to share this years ornaments with you...a few at a time. Most of these are not yet finished. I usually do that in an assembly line manner when they are all stitched or when the mailing deadline gets close, whichever comes first. You guess which. (Excuse my grammar.)

Some of these are freebies I've collected over the years. Some you will recognize from charts and previous JCS ornament issues. Some will even be repeated in various color schemes, rarely do I repeat the design exactly. Sometimes there is a theme, mostly not.


  1. I really admire your stitching tradition. I paint ornaments for my 6 granddaughters every year but soon I want to switch to cross stitched pieces. Life is really crazy and I never have the time to stitch the amount of time that would make my inner most being happy but such is a life with responsibility. Thank you for sharing a Christmas tradition. BrendaMI

  2. You are such a good sister, daughter and aunt!~~~ I know they love love each piece you ahve given them over the years!!The ornaments that are out now are so nice...I did 2 out of the JCS issue as mini breaks from Shores too...AND, I went to my LNS Sat and picked up the Halloween Hornbook Sampler by PlumStreet..its been a good break too...so, enjoy stitching for your family! I know they love you for helping make more memories!~Faye

  3. You have a lucky family/friends. You're a good egg too for all that effort.
    I'm sure it makes it easier to get it done when you know it is appreciated.
    Keep the memories......

  4. My daughter (11) has started a tradition of making ornaments for her female relatives every year. It's gotten that they expect it. Just this week she told me she has to come up with a design soon (she does something different every year). I think it's a great tradition to share with family. Yours are beautiful!

  5. Your needlework is beautiful. I must come back to your site and take a longer look.

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your sweet words about our little Sugar...she was such a sweet sweet pug.

  6. You are funny! Oh, to have an appreciative recipient - alas, none other than Mom in my family. You've seen that, Oh, thanks, depressed look on their faces, haven't you? Looks like you have a great start on the Christmas Panic - enjoy each and every stitch!

  7. What a wonderful tradition! I can see why you start in June....that's a lot to stitch! Love these!!!