Thursday, October 8, 2009

I am Soooooooooooo Boring

I can't figure out what to blog about.

1) This is supposed to be a stitching blog, but I can't post any pics of what I'm stitching due to reasons stated several times before.
2) Lester, the Wonder Pug, sleeps all the time. And even if he was doing something cute my camera battery is recharging now and I live in the dark ages so my cell phone is JUST a cell camera.
3) I thought about showing you some of my new Etsy stuff, but if you can't see the Etsy mini off on the right side of the blog you have bigger problems than I do. (Shameless plug - I make some mighty fine stitching accessories, so check out my Etsy shop, if you haven't already.)
4) I have no children, cute or otherwise, to talk about.
5) DH is banging away on the computer upstairs working on something I don't even care about.
6) I havent' taken any more ornament pictures...dead battery, duh.
7) I have no giveaway to advertise today.
8) I have no new recipe to share, although I do have enough Amish Friendship bread in my freezer to feed all of my followers.
9) I don't have any beautiful flowers in my yard to show you.
10) The beach is covered in sand and water, pretty much like every day. So just imagine that one.
11) I don't even have a funny joke to tell you.
12) And I'm still trying to figure out the meaning of life.

So, after over 30 years of left-brained, serial, anal retentive, one-project-at-a-time stitching this blog is going to drive me to become someone with multiple WIPs! Oh, the shame of it all. My stitching values gone to hell to keep you coming back.


  1. No pics needed for a great post like this! LOL My Pugs always bunch together...sardines, they are!

  2. You uncanny ability to write is an asset you must own up to though.....Face it, you are an awesome creative writer even if you cant multi-task-stitch....although I am seeing you have definitely broken out of the mold and began such!~ Cheers my friend!~ Your blog and hilarious writings are what keep us coming back for more!~ Faye

  3. Bah, you're not boring. Sometimes there's just nothing to write about. I've got the 'up to my eyeballs with busy' thing goin' on right now so I haven't posted in days.

    However, you won my contest so you might want to at least email me back before Saturday so I can ship out your prize ;)

  4. Oh, you are TOO funny - gave me a giggle for the afternoon :) And it's not all that bad - truly - over here on the dark side of multi starts ... of course it would be nicer if there were more multi-finishes, but them's the breaks :P

  5. HA!!! Too funny:)
    Lately I stay so behind on reading blogs, it becomes a job trying to catch up!