Friday, July 24, 2009

Squirrels and Hummers

Well, the squirrels were not satsified with devouring my hibiscus. Now they've decided to eat the hummingbird feeders. I assume they're trying to get to the juice, but they've destroyed several bee guards and the pegs the guards are mounted on, as well as some of the perches. So my ingenious DH constructed these cages around the hummer feeders. He's built these cages around all of our seed feeders and they have been pretty effective at keeping the squirrels at bay. Cable-tie engineering at it's best! The hummers adjusted to the cages right away, so at least they're getting fed.


  1. Very clever idea!

    I love your Mary Wigham--can't believe how far you are already! It looks great.

  2. What a great idea! I'll have to show this to my DH. He was on "squirrel patrol" yesterday because we have a couple that are very persistent!! He has even "greased" up the shephard's hooks with Vaseline and that doesn't always keep them from getting up them!!