Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mary Wigham is Getting Close!

I told you I was going to spend more time stitching this week and I have. Frankly, I needed to be in my "happy place" as DH calls it. I've been in a real funk for several days and I don't know why...unless it's that old woman's face I see in the mirror every morning that is scaring me to death. When did I get so old? Maybe I just need a haircut. And maybe some color. Maybe a face transplant.

Anyway, back to my happy place. Mary Wigham is really moving now. I'm about a week behind the downloads so I should be done in a couple of weeks.So I find myself planning my next project. Those of you (most of you, I'm sure) who work on many projects at once are saying, "yeah, so what?". Well, I am a one-project-at-time girl, so when I get close to the end of a project I start putting the next one together. Because heaven forbid that I put down the needle on one piece and not have a needle ready to thread for the next piece. Don't laugh. You know exactly what I mean!

But it's a daunting task. I have so many things in my in-box. It's July already and I haven't had the Christmas panic attack yet. DH has mentioned it several times. I really need to make the list and figure out if I'm stitching new stuff this year or pulling stuff off the wall. Don't give me that look. My sisters are thrilled to get stuff off my wall. They already have their initials on what they get when I die. And it's not like I don't have enough to choose from. I have 34 samplers hanging in my dining room alone. (As you can tell, this is only a partial view. If I step back any farther to take the pic, the chandalier gets in the way.)I have about 40 pieces on loan to my local needlework shop. The rooms in my house are decorated according to the style of needlework hung in each one. The problem with giving away the ones on my walls is that I don't really want to part with them!

Back to my in-box...I haven't completely decided what I"ll work on next, but I'm pretty sure. But you'll have to wait to find out.


  1. are too funny!! I can empathize with you regarding the "mirror" thing! I'm doing the same thing lately...what happened??? When did I get "old"?? I don't feel old! It's not fair, is it?? LOL

    Your MW is coming along beautifully!! I can't believe how much you have done...but it does help if you stay focused like you do and actually "finish" a project!! I'm afraid I get bored if I work on something too long. I need the "variety" least that's what I tell myself...LOL

  2. Colleen, I think I'm just too stubborn to quit.

  3. LOL - your walls look like my walls!

    The MW is looking so lovely!

  4. Your Mary Wigham is amazing...I am blown away by how fast you work - your needle must be smoking! I have a feeling if I blink and look again, it will be complete. It really is gorgeous...can't wait to see it finished!!

  5. Tommye, your Mary Wigham is wonderful. I love the black on beige it reminds me of one of those old coverlets that people used to make.

  6. Mary Wigham looks lovely..I havent even started yet!!
    I love your walls..

  7. First I love the Mary Wigham..beautiful!
    Second, I am just like project coming to an end and I am searching for the next and getting it ready. I can't have one day without a project.
    Finally..I have a wall of samplers too, but not 40! They look so pretty. I can see I have a ways to go to catch up!

  8. Mary Wighan is so pretty and you stitch so fast! What is your secret???
    I haven't been able to sit still much this weekend.

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wall of samplers!!
    Absolutely beautiful!