Friday, April 5, 2013

We'll Miss You, Judy

I said good-bye to a friend today and even though it hurts and I will miss her, I'm so grateful to have known her.  I met Judy when she came to our stitch group at our LNS a number of years ago.  Her sense of humor and happy spirit are what I noticed first. I'm not saying she didn't fuss or grumble (and even cuss every now and then), especially when she couldn't meet her own very high standards.  But you just knew she was living her life the way she wanted to.  Judy traveled a lot with her husband and had lots of company because she loved her family and wanted to see a lot of them.  She spoiled her nieces and nephews and their kids, as a good aunt should. 

Judy was a very social person and was involved in so many activities that I can't even begin to count them.  And I know she enjoyed every one, but she loved our stitch group like family.  The core of our stitch group has been together so long we joke about scaring new people away.  We aren't really scary, but we're like sisters now and we rib each other and tease and console and share things that you just don't share with everyone you know.  We've been through family angst together, celebrations, enough frog stitching to fill the Green Swamp and there isn't much we would change.  We have history. 

Judy's niece spoke at the memorial service today and she reminded me that stitching was not the only thing Judy was picky about.  She was a perfectionist in everything she did, from stitching to cooking, sewing to golf, singing to cards...  I taught Judy how to do Hardanger. And she was a beautiful stitcher. She practiced and became proficient at Hardanger.  Her first big Hardanger project was a hand towel on a lovely deep gold linen with an overdyed thread. Unfortunately, she picked 32 count as her fabric and had a little trouble getting the blanket stitch border exactly right.  And it had to be exactly right!  She would fuss and frog and do it over and over until she got it right.  When it was finished, she proudly hung it in her guest bath.  It is a beautiful piece.  Then she moved on to other cross stitch pieces and samplers, etc.  Last year she said she wanted to do another Hardanger project and the chorus of 'NO' from the group sent us all into a fit of giggles.  I will never be able to stitch another piece of hardanger without thinking of Judy...with a smile.

I only have one picture of Judy's needlework, but I'd like to share it with you.  We stitched "Catrina's Christmas" by Keslyn as a group. It was a challenge and everyone chose their own colorway.  Once again, Judy made amazing choices and produced this beautiful piece.
Rest in peace, Judy.  I'll meet you in Heaven's stitch group. Maybe we'll embroider the choir robes.


  1. Tommye,

    What a loving tribute to your friend.

  2. Beautiful words.... Cherish her memories and remember the good times......

  3. You have such wonderful memories of your friend ~ a beautifully written tribute!

  4. So sorry for your loss! What a wonderful tribute to her!

    Hugs and prayers!

  5. So so sorry for your loss, what a wonderful tribute to your friend

  6. What a great tribute to your friend.
    There will be a huge stitching group going by the time we all get to Heaven! We should have a big cloud put aside for us all!