Friday, April 26, 2013

Chugging Away

Just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I haven't been stitching...except for the four days I spent with my mom.  I just can't get settled in the right spot with the right lighting at her house.  But I continue working on Virtue Outshines the Stars.  Just in case, you want to keep track, there are 45 queen stitches in each one of those flowers in the vine.  Good thing I love Queen stitches.

I seem to be breaking my normal pattern on this one.  I usually work with one color until I'm done, but I just can't do that here.  So I'm jumping around and surprisingly, it's not making my brain hurt.  Must be an aging thing...everything else is.

My little birds are beak-less just because I haven't gotten to that color.  But they are beginning to bother me.
This little piece of hardanger is going on a quilt that was made by the niece of my friend, Judy, who passes away recently.  I hope Judy's husband will be comforted by the knowledge that her friends remember her so dearly.


  1. I'm still amazed there are 45 queen stitches per flower..... Amazing... Wonderful hard anger piece... So sweet...

    1. I guess I'm repeating myself. LOL

  2. 45 Queen stitches per flower would put me over the edge! Yours look beautiful!

  3. Wow, 45 queen stitches in each flower! That would not be my favorite thing to do for sure! It will be a beauty when you are done!

  4. That's a bunch of queen stitches - I'm impressed!

  5. You certainly need to like Queen stitches for that border, it's looking stunning tho'