Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's The Simple Traditions That Touch Your Heart

I'm meeting my Mom and sisters in Winston-Salem this weekend to celebrate Easter in Old Salem. It's quite a glorious service.  But one of the most moving traditions for me is when family members and various members of the Moravian churches in the area gather on Easter Saturday in God's Acre, the cemetery in Old Salem, to clean the headstones and leave flowers.  There will arrangements, potted plants, simple vases with flowers from the garden, all placed with a loving hearts.
Although he grumbled about the planting and watering and weeding, my dad always love helping my mom plant flowers in the Spring.  So today I found a beautiful hydrangea to put on his grave this weekend. Of course, mine won't be the only one, so Mom and my sisters and I will probably share ours with someone else who doesn't have anyone to leave flowers on their headstones.  It's just the way things are done.
As in years past, we'll tell stories and laugh and cry and my mom will visit the graves of too many of her friends.  But always knowing they'll meet again.