Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Stitchless Week

It's been a busy week with no time for stitching or blogging. My nephew was on Spring break so he and my sister came to visit.  We didn't do anything exciting, but you know how it is when you have houseguests.  Your schedule goes right out the window. 

Fortunately I finished my little project for a swap I was involved in with a sampler group on Facebook.  I was stitching for a lady who loves blue and green, which is my favorite color combination so it was an easy and fun thing for me to do.  I found this little ceramic planter among my treasures, so I stitch a a little Bargellow pattern and made some twisted cord for a pin cushion.
Since finished Margret Gatis I picked up a little piece from Country Cottage Needlework that is perfect for Spring, "Bunny Hop".  I'm seriously considering omitting the 'hippity hop' lettering and using a textured stitch for all that grassy area, rather than just cross stitch. 
I haven't worked on it all week, but hopefully it will be a little more colorful real soon. 

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  1. That looks fun! I am thinking about doing a Rosehill Manor one next. I picked up a chart at the used bookstore, that is the American Flag but it has a quilt theme to it.