Monday, March 18, 2013

Hang 'Em Up!

It doesn't matter how much I love a piece that I've stitched. Once it's framed it takes on a life of its own and I have to stare at it for a while.  I may go into a trance with this one.
I also framed "The Christmas Quilt" by Emie Bishop, that I stitched for my husband for Christmas. Yes, I'm a little behind, but who cares?  I used the same red suede mat behind the piece that is on the front.  It's quite stunning in person. 

Now I'll go back to my little "Bunny Hop".  I'm finishing the carrots and starting the grass tonight.  Of course, the grass takes up about 50% of the total stitched area. 


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I have some framed pieces that I gaze at too. That EB piece is stunning! Quite agree about removing the lettering, not a cute fan. Textured grass would look terrific.

  2. Tommye, they're both beautiful! I can see why you're spending some time looking at them now that they're framed!

  3. Both are gorgeous! I guess this means I'm not getting Margie for my birthday huh. I hate to think I will have to stitch her myself! I don't know if I have the ability to stitch over 3. I wonder if there is some conversion I can make? How about 45 ct over 6??!!!!!! I think I saw some 50 ct in my stash the other day....


  4. Both are just lovely. I agree, once framed I often stop and take a look at them.

  5. I agree, there's something about finally seeing them in a frame that brings on that big sigh of contentment. It is truly lovely.