Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh, What a Dilemma

My ornies are progressing nicely, thank you. However, some supplies I ordered for a new project have finally arrived and I want to start it so badly I can't stand it!

Some of you may know that I used to own two needlework shops, but I sold them several years ago. Consequently, I have a monstrous stash. I have so many samplers, most of which I still want and intend to stitch, that my friend, Donna, came to look through them when she opened her shop. She said it was better than looking through the Hoffman catalog. Anyway, when you own a shop you are compelled to stitch pieces that you can use as models. But the best part of being retired is that I can stitch whatever I want, whenever I want! If it happens to be something that is current or popular, I loan it to my LNS, but quite often I pick a project that is out of print or something that most people wouldn't want to stitch. And sometimes, it's something that's been in my stash for YEARS, like the Honeysuckle Sampler.
My dilemma is: Do I start the Honeysuckle Sampler or do I stitch ornaments and gaze longingly at my waiting project? Answer: I'll stitch ornies now and start HS after supper. Tomorrow I'll go thru the whole process again and hope my brain doesn't explode from the stress.


  1. Why don't you show us that monstrous stash - then we can all drool. Love love the colors for your sampler! Have fun.

  2. That looks lovely, such rich beautiful colors!