Thursday, October 6, 2011

Attitude Adjustments

It's amazing how my attitude improves when I take time to stitch every day! I don't mind my chores (much) when I can look forward to hours of working on something that is really enjoyable. And isn't that the whole point? 

The ornaments have not been totally ignored since I started the "Honeysuckle Sampler". Two more are done from Blue Ribbon Designs' "Red Letter Ornaments".
I had a little trouble remembering how to do double backstitch on the diagonal (the filling of the vine), but all in all, this piece gives me a bad case of 'just one more stitch syndrome'. 

I love the texture of the brick stitch in the outer petals of the flower and the rows of satin stitch in the inner petals.


  1. Your works are so beautifully stitched! Very nice, Tommye.

  2. Beautiful as always. And oh so true about usually takes me a day or two figure out what is wrong and why I am out of sorts and then, BAM!, I realize I haven't stitched in a few days.