Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Decor

 I've never really been into stitching for holidays other than Christmas, but there are a couple of designs that I just couldn't resist. Some would consider this my self portrait... It's "The Horrible Hag" by Ewe and Eye and Friends. You can find it in a number of places on-line, but I like to help out my Etsy friends, so that's the link I included.
And several years ago I stitched "A Delectable Halloween Recipe" by Mosey 'n Me, but I gave it to one of my sisters without taking a picture of it, so you'll have to settle for this. Take my word for it, it's adorable!! Several metallics and buttons and beads are incorporated to add interest. I fringed the bottom and used a stick from the back yard as a dowel to hang it from.

And if you want something already stitched I found several things on Etsy that you should see.
From WhiteRiverSamplers, "H is for Halloween"

Send this card by memoriesbymimi or just decorate with it yourself.

This cute Halloween ghost by StitchnMomma glows in the dark!

And finally, you can decorate and save an animal by purchasing The Tales of Haunted Hollow Halloween House by threedogsnappin.

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  1. Thanks so much for including my Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost wall art!

    And the "Horrible Hag"...super cute, but definitely NOT you!

    Happy Stitching!