Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh Boy, A New Start!

I'm really getting into this guilt free, start whatever you want, nobody cares thing!  It's quite liberating. Maybe my brain is switching over to the right side.

I thought about starting block 8 of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow (SoHRH), but I am substituting my personalization for the memorial stuff in the original.  And I'm not really in the mood to chart it out, so...

I kitted up two new projects. "Quaker Diamonds" by Rosewood Manor.  I cannot abide stitching on 28 count anymore, so I'm stitching it on some 40 count Lambswool linen that I have pre-stained with coffee.  This means that I cannot use the spools of Valdani thread that is called for in the chart. When I was on my stitching vacation, Laura and I went to her LNS, Haus Tirol, in Williamsburg.  They had a thread pack of the same colors in six strand floss, so now I have them.

But that's not what I decided to start. The second kit I put together is "Quaker Hornbook Noir" from Mon Ami Pierre.  I'm stitching it on a hand-dyed 40 count, but I have no idea where it came from. I chose a really dark shade of brown Splendor. (#852) I haven't gotten far, but it's fun.


  1. Congrats on your finish of Block #8 on Shores - I love the colors in Shores against the linen, so pretty. You've made a great start on Quaker Hornbook Noir, I've not seen this one before - it's lovely! And I keep thinking about stitching Quakers and Quilts on 40 count but like you I wouldn't be able to use the Valdani threads, so I'm still thinking through that one and what I'm going to do.

  2. I'm a 40ct person myself. lol! So I totally understand your sticking to 40ct. Nice start on the Quaker Hornbook Noir. Looking forward to seeing what your personalization is on block 8 of Shores!

  3. You haven't gotten far, but it looks wonderful Tommye. I had to laugh at your personalization for your Shores block. I was going to do the same thing and put my father's name in it because he was in the Navy. The charting stopped me cold! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Your stitching and your new projects look great!

  5. Love your new projects! I'm just now starting to try 40 count linen. Oh my it's small!!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your stashing.

    Feathers in the Nest

  6. Nice one~~~ Love that chart!! AND, I am glad to see you coming out of your shell a bit....Come on board with the rest of us and get your multi-project game on~~~ Is the Pack going to play the Heels??? That always puts me in such a quandry~~~

  7. Beautiful work!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Visit my blog to get your icon for your blog!

  8. Changes make the charts come alive, dont' they? I think you've made a great start - and that it's other brain side is really fun!!

  9. Yay, we always love new starts don't we . . . SoHRH isn't going anywhere! Haven't visited your blog in a while and was so pleased to see your Pigalle finish. It's absolutely beautiful!!

    Take care,