Friday, December 11, 2009

What was I thinking?

I've taken about a dozen pictures of my finished ornies and this is the ONLY one that came out (and it's not my best effort). I hope this is not a sign of things to come today. (See list item #6) I'll try to get some more later, but since I worked at Angelwing the last two days I have a zillion things to do today. (See list below with little change from original posting of said list.) I'm beginning to not like my list. I feel a Linda Blair Exorcist moment coming on.

And have I mentioned how much I love stitching, but hate finishing?

Christmas Panic To-do list

1. shopping - 100% DONE
2. stitching - pieces chosen and taken off the wall for sisters laying on wrapping table, one STILL to frame for Mom
3. knitting - one cowl DONE(and very pretty, I must say), 2 necklaces left assemble
4. finishing - 9 ornies finished and still too many to count and one hardanger Christmas tree (haven't even thought about it yet)
5. decorating - STILL naked tree standing in living room
6. baking - not started - next task, as soon as I post this
7. wrapping - STILL not started
8. selling - still shipping orders (yeah!) and still adding new things to Etsy because there is still time to ship for Christmas. But you better hurry!


  1. hey hey hey...YOUR finishing is better than MY finishing!!! hahaha...these really did fix up well I must say!!! I know your list is long (whos isnt..?) Just hang on you have about 14 days and poof, it will be over!!! Have a good one! Faye

  2. And a Partridge In a Pare Tree-lol I had that tune while reading this-lol