Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Baaaack

I am so impressed with all of you who managed to blog (some multiple times!) over the past week. I barely found time to check my email and Etsy shop. I'm still behind on my blog reading, but I'm working on it.

DH, Lester the WonderPug, and I went to visit my mom and sisters for several days over Christmas. We had a great time, ate too much, and didn't get much sleep. The last is primarily because Lester snores like a revved up monster truck. At home he sleeps an entire floor away from our bedroom and I can still hear him snoring sometimes. At Mom's he sleeps in the same room with us. OMG, you would not believe the noise that comes out of his facial orifices. I finally got used to it on the third night, but woke up when he didn't snore because I was worried he was dead! But I digress.

My sister, B., sometimes behaves as if she has more $ than sense. Actually, she has a lot of trouble making choices so when she went to the bead store by herself she became a preferred customer on her first visit! And I got a whopping great Christmas present! I can't wait to start playing around with all these gorgeous beads.

And while we were away a package arrived from my friend, Karen. You might remember that I stitched a band sampler for her birthday in October. Well, I have no idea when she finds time to stitch given all her responsibilites, but this is what she sent me for my birthday. Isn't is gorgeous!? (We don't worry about when the birthday actually occurs. In fact, we prefer to ignore them completely except for the stitching!)

I've found a little bit of time to stitch over the past couple of days. I've been working on my annual tree skirt addition. That story and pictures coming soon.


  1. And I'm here to confirm it...That dog can do SOME KIND of snoring for real!~ lol.... glad you were the recipient of your sisters super-shopper trip...omg.... she loves you to pieces!~ Love that little diddy you got for your birthday!~ And when is your b'day, by the way?

  2. Lucky you - a lovely birthday sampler and beads.
    Yes, and when is your birthday?
    I can sympathize with you about Lester's snoring, however I can't get away from mine - my husband snores terribly :-(
    Happy Stitching my friend.