Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mama

I just love stitching on a deadline. Mama's birthday is next Tuesday. I have to get this thing in the mail tomorrow. I'm shocked I remembered to take a picture before I wrapped it and boxed it up. But here it is. And I don't have to worry that she'll see it here because she doesn't read my blog even though my auto-signature on my email has a link. Pretty sure she doesn't know what a blog is!

My mama loves everything I stitch so it's not much of a challenge to find just the right thing for her. But she really loves samplers (thank goodness) so I whipped out this "Snow Flower Accent" from Periwinkle Promises. I've probably stitched more of Barbara Rokosnik's work than any other designer. I did nineteen in one year so my LNS could have it's own little PP trunk show. (Barbara's trunk show was booked up for about 2 years!) But I digress... These little accents are supposed to be pillows with little tassels on the corners, but they make great mini framed pieces. It comes out about 4" x 5". I had some scrap pieces of this moulding so I was able to frame it without ordering more or going to the frame shop. And to top it off, I have an extra piece of fabric (the back of the intended pillow) and enough silk left over to do it again...assuming no frog stitching. And when was the last time that happened?

So, now I go back to the birthday present I can't show you because Laura does read my blog.


  1. What a lovely sampler! I'm sure your mum will love it!

  2. Lovely!~~ I am sure she will LOVE it!~~ Faye