Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Event

For those of you who have been hunkering down trying to stay warm and dry, shoveling out, and otherwise enduring a miserable winter, I am here to provide you with a giggle.

I live at the beach.  The threat (and reality) of hurricanes is a way of life.  No biggie.  But a rumor of a whisper of a hint of the possibility of snow and life comes to a halt.  I am not kidding.  I seriously considered going to the grocery store last night just for the entertainment value.  I am a native Southerner and really hate it when people make fun of us, but even I am smart enough to realize that in most cases, if I take a nap the snow will be gone when I wake up.  But just in case, I have bread and peanut butter.  I will not starve even if we lose power, which we did not. 

This is only the third snow event in the sixteen years that I've lived here.  So yes, it is an event.  Unfortunately, this one is ice.  There was a dusting of snow, but it's frozen into a sheet on top of the ice now.  Even I don't leave footprints! 

However, Otis doesn't care about all that.  There is a tennis ball and he wants to chase it.  I kid you not, he would chase it in a hurricane.
This is what he's begging for.
"If I stare at it long enough, Mom will throw it!"
That's not a rabbit, it's Otis chasing a tennis ball.
"Throw it again, Mom"
Otis, the Great Tennis Ball Hunter


  1. It looks like Otis had a good time in your weather event. I don't mind the snow, but ice is a whole different story.

    Stay warm and be safe!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Lots of fun for Otis in the snow! Keep warm! I can't believe how cold it has been this year...I love winter but can't wait for Spring to arrive!

  3. I remember living in the south during one of these "events" also and it was NOT a pretty sight! Glad you are safe and warm!
    Otis is a sweetie! I love seeing puppy pictures!

  4. Great pics of Otis in the snow ~ love the one of his backside as he is running away!

  5. Awww...bless him. He looks like he was having a whale of a time chasing that ball in the snow.