Monday, January 13, 2014

Flower Power

Progress has slowed slightly in the last few days due to an interruption to stitch a couple of Habitat samplers, but I haven't posted in a week, so I thought it time.  And actually, this picture is from Jan. 10th, so there's even more done on the Holbein band than is pictured. 
There are a lot of asymmetrical aspects to this piece (thank you, CarolM, for warning me!) that require focus and diligent counting.  So far, I'm doing pretty well.   Remember how the top border rises from left to right?  Well, I am now also forewarned about the same thing happening down the right hand border!  I'm going to pull my hair out trying to frame this piece.  Although maybe it won't be too bad.  I don't remember it being a problem when I framed it for a customer many years ago.

All three flowers on the first band are different and the spacing between them is different too, even though, at first glance, it is not apparent.


  1. Gorgeous sampler!!!! I love those up close shots~

  2. This sampler looks fantastic.
    Great progress.
    Grit from Germany

  3. It's looking gorgeous, great progress

  4. Looks like you've got it under control - very pretty.