Sunday, November 4, 2012

No More Borders

Have I mentioned that I hate borders?  As usual, about 11:30 last night I realized why that frog was sitting on the couch next to me waiting to be noticed.  Grrrrr. And there were beads involved in this late night fiasco! Bigger grrrrrr. I had to rip out the top line of the border.  The error was made about two hours earlier, but I was in 'one more stitch' mode and trying to finish the border before bed. So I didn't find the problem until the corners didn't meet. Hate it when that happens. This is the major reason that I enjoy band samplers so much...NO BORDERS!  So I frogged and restitched the top of the border before I hit the sack.  The fact that we were turning the clocks back helped me rationalize staying up until it was done.
I'm sure the rest of this little Periwinkle Promises Sampler Accent - "Queen Anne's Lace" will go much more quickly. It has to, I'm under the gun. I finished the "Crocus" Sampler Accent a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to post it. Probably because of ...THE BORDER! It's double running and I was surrounded by frogs while working that one. But the first band is queen stitch, so I found my happy place pretty quickly. Most of you are groaning, I know, but I love queen stitches.

I've been working on ornaments for the family, but none are photo ready yet. It's amazing how some metallic perforated paper can jazz up a simple design.

I can't believe it's already November! I have so much stitching to do and I'm up to my eyeballs in book thongs and stitch markers for knitting and crochet. They make great gifts and I'm trying to stock up.


  1. I'll take a border over queen stitch any day! So sorry the frogs visited you. That must have been very frustrating!

    Thank you for linking to your etsy site...I picked up a little something!

  2. I'm laughing here imagining you shouting "NO MORE BORDERS" much like Mommie Dearest and "NO METAL HANGERS". LOL

  3. I always love borders -- until they don't match at the end. :)

    And I USED to love frogs! But now that I've learned the meaning of frogging, suddenly the two cute little frogs I have on my windowsill look evil.