Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lists Are Good...I Think

Do not even think of reminding me how many days are left 'til Christmas!  Shopping is not a problem, thanks to the internet.  But stitching time is in short supply and I may have to give up sleep. And believe me, you do not want that. I am not nice when sleep deprived.

However progress is being made, thanks to my secret weapon, who shall remain nameless. Look at what I managed to accomplish since my last post.  Tassels and assembly are next on the list. 
I'm really big on lists. I have three different lists going now for Thanksgiving, plus the usual grocery list, errands list, household to-do list, Etsy to-do list...  Then there's the obligatory Christmas list.  The stitching list has sub-lists:
1. To-do
2. Gifts
   a.  birthdays
   b. Christmas
   c.  other
3. ornaments
4. WIPs (this one is short because as you can probably tell, I'm pretty anal retentive...I hear you laughing.)
5. Completed (yearly)

Perhaps I should spend less time making lists and more time stitching. hmmm....

1 comment:

  1. I live by lists! If its not on my list, doesn't happen.... Me and my Mega-list just got home from a marathon Walmart trip...Whew! Was there waaaayyy too long, but without my list, I'd still be there....confused...

    Love the stitches btw.... Now, back to my list! Have a great Thanksgiving, Faye