Wednesday, September 19, 2012

THIS is What I Love to Do!

The Thistle Celebration by Periwinkle Promises is sooooo much fun to stitch. I just love Barbara Rakosnik's use of stitches and color in her designs.  Even though I've frogged a bit already, I'm really enjoying this piece.  The only problem I'm having is that the colors are so close that I have to be extremely careful not to mix them up.
Thistle Celebration 09-18-12
I only had one miscount on the Holbein band, which I thought was pretty impressive. I usually get lost and have to do a lot of frogging, but no this time. And I didn't even use Barbara's very explicit diagram.  I've decided that figuring out Holbein motifs without a chart is my way of staving off dementia.  It's definitely a puzzle.

As you can see, I've just started the large satin stitch band. The satin stitch motifs are divided by bands of diagonal cross stitch. What a relief! At first I thought it was Diagonal Montenegrin which taxes my brain considerably. 


  1. Lord have Mercy!!! Now THAT's a design!! It is so YOU~~... You will definitely outlive all of us as you constantly master gynormous intricate pieces like this~~ you rock. Can't wait to see more...... Faye

  2. That is a beautiful piece and I like the fact that there are different stitches than cross stitch. It's really going to be stunning when it's finished.