Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Like Christmas in the Bead Cave

I hate getting surprise phone calls, especially late at night. You know what I mean. But I LOVE surprise packages in the mail! 

I participate in a bead exchange on one of my Etsy teams and today I received an envelope full of beautiful beads. My friend, Cynthia, of CLeasBeadwork, is so generous and talented. She learned beadwork from her grandmother and continues the tradition with very nature-inspired creations. 

So I didn't even sit down in the bead chair in the bead cave before I ripped open the envelope and found such a bounty of beautiful beads.  Apparently everyone knows my favorite color is blue because there are several different envelopes of blue beads. Here's a sampling of my new stash.  Now I get to create lots of new fobs and counting pins and stitch markers and eyeglass leashes...

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