Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Mojo

When my stitching mojo kicks in, it's lethal! The Thistle Celebration piece was so fun I finished it in a week! I loved every minute of it...okay, except for the 3 frogging episodes I had.  Now what?
I should be working on ornaments, but I just can't get psyched up for it. At the very least I should be in the Christmas Panic. (Yes, it's capitalized because it's REAL and usually starts in June!)  I've done 25-30 every year for the last 30 years for family and friends, but the string may be broken. 


  1. Your finish looks great, fantastic colours!

  2. I love this piece!

    And I understand about the Christmas Panic, only mine sets in for all the items I don't have made for my shop instead of what I don't have made for family & friends. :)